CompuTool IT 

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CompuTool IT 

The Right Tool for the Job.

              For over a decade CompuTool has been the leading provider of business management software to the remodeling industry providing all of the software tools necessary to run and grow a business of any size.The key to CompuTool's success and our customers' benefit is the simplicity that we have developed into our products. In 1996 we revolutionized the industry with our flow based system - making it virtually impossible for end users to make a mistake.Our system is designed to the specifications of industry pioneering thought leaders - and is currently used by many of the top remodeling companies.


               Contractors Computing Inc. was originally formed in 1995. Founders Keith Tobias and Bob Lippmann, CR, wanted to create management software for the remodeling market, which was 100% all-inclusive and exceptionally easy to learn and use. The first version of the software was marketed in the New York City metro area in 1995.In 1999, the company received its first infusion of outside capital and created the industry's first "flow-based" software system for the remodeling industry. This client-server version of the software debuted at the NAHB Builders Show and the NKBA show in early 2001. The Company expanded its scope nationally adding thousands of users and today is pleased to count many of the country's highly respected firms among our clients.

               It is these 8 years of unrelenting improvements, which make up today's CompuTool Corporation. We are pleased in 2008 to launch the industries first "On Demand" solution-combining years of industry knowledge in an entirely new technology platform.Whether you are a long term customer of ours or an entirely new prospect, the one thing you can be sure of is our commitment to bringing the best class solutions to your business built on thought leadership of the remodeling industry.

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